Pure cashmere and fine wool knitwear collections

We like to think of a knitwear garment as something much deeper and more complex than a mere garment. Just as encounters between people are equivalent to stories that sometimes come together, the choice of a product is also an encounter that leads to a union. We design garments with their own story, also combining the typically Italian style and design, the best raw materials, their history and their ancient manufacturing techniques.

The travel

When a garment has its own history, enclosed in the fibers and textures that compose it, in the way in which it has acquired shape, volume and even color, it brings with it a full-fledged story and, with it, becomes part of our history , like a true companion.
Our goal, in fact, is to offer knitwear rich in quality and history at the same time. A story that we ourselves went to research, know and explore, feel and breathe. A story that comes from a real journey to discover the US and the OTHER.

The philosophy

We are the harmonious and balanced union of different personalities and young abilities. We are simplicity and authenticity. Real people, passionate and motivated, who see and develop the identity of the brand through foundations and fundamental principles that we consider fundamental, not only in work, but also in everyday life.
Our philosophy seeks cleanliness, transparency, humane and respect.
The simplicity that distinguishes, the emotion that surrounds and the balance between traditions.
The material quality we offer, the craftsmanship we rely on and the style and design of our lands are all the cornerstones of our philosophy.

If treated with care, cashmere is forever.

Bespoke for you

Create your ideal sweater!
You can do it with us!
You can define, according to your needs, the perfect shirt that will allow you to complete your outfits without any flaws.