“If treated with care, cashmere is forever.”

Undisputed symbol of luxury and refinement, cashmere is the undisputed protagonist of our collections. Formerly called ‘Golden Fleece’, it has an unmistakable softness and a long-lived characteristic, qualities that explain the reason for our choice.

Women’s sweaters


“There is a close link between slowness and memory, between speed and oblivion” Milan Kundera

Alessandro Aste, with this product with countless peculiarities, wants to dare and aim high by creating garments to invest in: evergreen and classics in fact never go out of fashion, they save the look and enhance the style with simplicity.

How to wash the


Hand wash only and without the use of bleach. Dry the garment preferably on a horizontal surface and iron only at a low temperature. Alternatively, clean the garment with a gentle dry clean.