With a classic and elegant style, this essential model of men’s knitwear is made to last over time and always remain fashionable. In fact, Alessandro Aste proposes a careful and refined selection of colors, as well as a careful study of the shapes, to give its garments, with regular volumes and slim fit, a decisive distinctive character.

Silk Cashmere crewneck

An unparalleled tactile perception for a truly sophisticated touch with distinct refinement.

Cashmere crewneck

An artisanal process carried out entirely handmade and by the use of strictly natural dyes are the essence of these collections.

Merino Cashmere crewneck

A mix that gives warmth and an unmistakable softness to the garment, perfect for the cold winter season.

Linen crewneck

Fresh and breathable, to accentuate the summer and refined flavor of our collections.

An elegantly contemporary and urban flavor, for a timeless classic

With its sophisticated details that further embellish its appearance, our crewneck is perfect for those who, without giving up a classic essence, are looking for a boldly contemporary style.

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