2024 Collection


Discover the new Spring/Summer collection, where elegance meets freshness and style merges with lightness.

This season we have been inspired by the freshness of spring and the vibrant energy of summer to create garments that combine style and comfort. From the office to the weekend, from the beach to the city, our knitwear will accompany you with elegance at all times.

Color research

Our palette for this season is a celebration of colors. From delicate pastel tones to bright, bold colours, you will find outfits to suit every personality and occasion. Let your outfits express the joy and vitality of the beautiful season.


€ 210,00

Our collections are made of high-quality fibres that allow the body to breathe, keeping you cool and fashionable.

New this season, thick knitted jackets perfect for creating sophisticated looks without sacrificing comfort.

Our unmissable stripes

Discover the timeless beauty of stripes, reinvented in a palette of summer colours and striped patterns that will bring class to any occasion.


€ 210,00

Makò cotton

The fusion of luxurious Makò cotton and the dynamic effect of Spray Art creates an intriguing and dynamic colour effect.

Each piece is literally an explosion of colour, reflecting the wearer’s creativity and individuality.


Linen, with its natural, slightly irregular texture, lends character and charm to our garments.

The distinctive weave adds a touch of authenticity, highlighting the beauty of simplicity.


Our knitwear collection embraces the diversity of cottons to offer you an ultimate wearing experience. From the brightness of pima cotton to the sustainability of organic cotton, each garment is designed to meet the needs of those seeking comfort and style.

T – shirt

Our must-have world of t-shirts, from the quality of luxurious Supima cotton to the timeless design of stripes. Discover a collection that transforms the concept of casual into a timeless style experience.

Explore the collection and be inspired by the beauty of the season.