Men's knitwear

A contemporary, urban and essence universe, where research embraces matter, detail and color. Where volumes and valuable compositions, style features and vibrantly sophisticated colors come together in a praise of the present day: an interpretation of the classic par excellence which, here, becomes transversely suitable for any moment of the day.


A classic and elegant model par excellence, it combines with the softness of refined selected yarns.


An elegantly contemporary and urban flavor, for a timeless classic.


With a refined design, made to last over time and always remain fashionable.


A sporty and classy universe, for those who prefer elegance in its essence.


Alessandro Aste here proposes a transversal fit: refined but, at the same time, sporty daring.

Fine men's knitwear

An essentially classic, modern and boldly casual direction, capable of balancing distinct elegance and extreme comfort. Because the Alessandro Aste man loves to stand out on every occasion.