spring summer 23

spring summer 23

We would like to immerse yourself in the fantastic world
of colors shades, always different and creative who want to remember natural landscapes and summer little things.

Spray art, a real form of art.
Colorful garments artisan hand dyed inspired our collection personality.
This unique textile decoration form takes place via spray nebulization that allow you to identify some different color shades, special and different between every garment.

We encourage mastery of our specialized artisans.

With their experience they can to create value products. Our foam collection get inspired from floral textures, an antique dyeing technique applied in design coloring process.

Pastel reflections and powerful character in our SS23 color palette,

suitable for a client who wants to stand out from the crowd.

Spray Art technique beauty concern an unmistakable traditional uniqueness, that creates harmonious and amazing shades.

Browse through our new colors and let yourself be inspired!