Silk Cashmere

Characterized by a soft and incomparable tactile perception, this blend, so shiny and luxuriously silky, is one of the most used in our collections. A unique combination of yarns, smooth and fresh, soft and shiny at the same time. A real touch of sophistication and distinct refinement.

Mainly worked on fineness 16 by expert craftsmen, our silk / cashmere garments an enviable transversality in use making them suitable for the whole year: worn as perfect under a jacket in the winter season and ideal for covering up even on cool summer evenings .

Women’s sweaters

in Silk and Cashmere

Alessandro Aste also works constantly on the personal and distinctive note of his collections, combining the silk / cashmere blend with natural dyes and ancient processing techniques.

How to wash

the Silk and Cashmere

Hand wash only and without using bleach. Dry the garment preferably on a horizontal surface and iron only at a low temperature.
Alternatively, clean the garment with a delicate dry cleaning.