The Brand

We are a clothing brand specialized, for years, in the production of pure cashmere and fine wool knitwear. Traveling, in its deepest meaning, has brought us to ourselves and to our history. We are the meeting of two lands, cultures and traditions: Nepal, with its selected and handcrafted quality materials, with the ancient traditions handed down from generation to generation, with the processing of pigments and natural approaches to dyes, with the local craftsmanship, precious and full of charm. A story that also brings with it smells and perfumes, tactile sensations and bright colors. And Italy, with our manufacturing excellence, with the vision of elegance and class that distinguishes us, with the care and attention to detail typical of our planning. A dynamic, structured and always current story. Our leaders tell about this meeting and what it led to, and we are in them, with the passion that guides the horizon.

The philosophy

We are the harmonious and balanced union of different personalities and young abilities. We are simplicity and authenticity. Real people, passionate and motivated, who see and develop the identity of the brand through foundations and fundamental principles that they consider fundamental, not only in work, but also in everyday life. Our philosophy seeks cleanliness, transparency, humanity and respect. The simplicity that distinguishes, the emotion that surrounds and the balance between traditions. The material quality we offer, the craftsmanship we rely on and the style and design of our lands are all the cornerstones of our philosophy