Venice is a capsule collection dedicated to traditional but refined taste. A line of t-shirts with soft and shaped volumes meet the elegance of one of the most beautiful cities in Italy, Venice. The entirely Italian production has selected one of the best combed cottons, to feel enveloped with lightness and freshness during the summer days.

Murano Stripe.

The classic and traditional combination of black and white stripes are a tribute to the typical uniform of the Venetian gondoliers.

Bacaro Stripe. 

Typical Venetian tavern, the Bacaro is a meeting place for the population, where food becomes an excellent excuse to enjoy an “ombra” of red or white.

Rialto Stripe.

The name “Rialto” comes from “Rivus altus”, which in Italian means “deep canal”. One of the symbolic bridges of Italian culture finds life in our deep blue stripe like the waters of the Grand Canal.