Women's knitwear

Harmonious shapes and conceptually casual volumes highlight the practical spirit of the lines, echoing a minimal and rigorously clean aesthetic impact. The graceful perception and the natural composition underline the philosophy of the garments, enveloping the woman with pure quality and finesse.
Contemporary and with sophisticated colors, for a refined wearability, the collections also respond to the frenetic rhythms of everyday life, giving space to classy comfort, but always practical and functionally transversal.

Silk Cashmere

An unique tactile perception for a truly sophisticated touch with distinct refinement.


An artisanal process carried out entirely handmade and by the use of strictly natural dyes are the essence of these collections.


Undisputed symbol of luxury and refinement, it has an unmistakable softness and a long-lived characteristic.

Merino Cashmere

A warm and soft blend for the cold winter season, it gives a distinct and sophisticated touch.


Fresh and breathable, to accentuate the summer and sophistcated flavor of our collections.

Fine women's knitwear

Alessandro Aste is quality and naturalness expressed through transparent aesthetic refinement. A contemporary touch rooted in the seductive drive of a young woman who wears sophisticated colors in search of high quality materials with minimal and clean shapes. Alessandro Aste, for a woman with a dynamic flair and full of character, looking for balanced garments that frame her by amplifying her essence.